As you will have seen from our current “Building St Georges Nursing Home” posts, We have taken great care with the design of St Georges Nursing Home and we took great care in selecting a company to construct it.

After many months of discussion we awarded the contract to Castleoak who are based in Cardiff.

Building a Care Home is a highly specialised project.  Castleoak have built well over 100 care homes and, as such, have the expertise needed.

Due to the location of the site it was necessary for them to drive piles in to the ground to provide a firm foundation.  Such work does have the potential to disturb our neighbours but Castleoak have minimised this by excellent communication (they are members of the Considerate Construction Scheme) at all times.  They have set up links with the local primary school and actively participated in the local community, as you will have seen from our last post.

They were able to advise on such specialised and diverse items as commercial kitchens, sprinkler systems, call bell systems, corridor hand rails, cinema room specifications, ensuite showers, commercial laundries, CHP units, air-conditioned clinical rooms, floor surfaces and door handles, to name but a few.

Would we choose them again. Definitely yes.

Finally, our unique building has been designed from the outset by Andrew Williams of Architecture Plus, a local firm.  Andrew has taken a very active interest in the problems that residents with dementia face and has sought to minimise these problems through intuitive design and the use of materials.