St Georges Nursing Home is very much based around the notion of community.  Within our own walls we have areas that serve as restaurants (our Dining Rooms), a cinema (our Cinema Room), a hair and beauty salon (Our nail spa), a park (our amazing Central Garden) and, of course, our community of residents.  We have worked hard to make sure that St Georges Nursing Home is safe and stimulating, and promoting the notion of freedom and independence.

In the spirit of community, in addition to caring for our residents with dementia, we want to open up our building to Weston-Super-Mare and surrounding areas, providing a bridge between us and our neighbours and to help benefit the area as well as our local community.

St Georges Nursing Home is ideally situated close to both Primary and Secondary schools, local supermarkets and the new health centre next door.

Recently, pupils from ST Georges VA Church Primary School visited the site and asked searching questions as part of a survey they are undertaking.  Further visits are being planned and we hope that our residents will enjoy a long meaningful relationship with the school and its pupils.  We hope they will share in our events and activities from time to time and we hope our residents are able to share in theirs.

It is vital that we integrate the old and the young, with both groups benefitting greatly.  We hope to form relationships with the nearby senior schools too, which will prove invaluable to all of us.

St Georges Nursing Home has a Day Care suite which includes a cinema room and meeting room.  This will be free in the evenings and we are happy to make this available to local groups, societies and charities.

With its ample car park, St Georges Nursing Home can provide a vital link between all members of the community.

Care Homes such as St Georges Nursing Home can and should provide a positive experience to their residents, relatives, staff and visitors.

Local school children visit St Georges Nursing Home