Our home, St Georges Nursing Home, has been quite literally built around our central garden.  It is the heart and soul of our home.

It is estimated that as many as two out of three of us are outdoors people.  Given the choice of sitting indoors for hours on end or walking and sitting in an outside environment, experiencing fresh air and sunshine, most of us would choose the latter.

This is particularly true for those of us with dementia.  With our safe, secure sensory garden our residents will have unlimited access during daylight hours promoting independence and an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

St Georges Nursing Home GardenOur garden features over one hundred metres of cobbled paths wrapped around a lawned area, a raised circular rose garden with standard roses surrounded by bush roses, a raised herb border in the middle of which lies a large Forest of Dean monolith, a circular gravelled area in the midst of which stands yet another feature stone and at the very heart of our garden lies a large monolith water feature providing a constant stream of circulating water running down a 1.5 metre high rock.. Timeless…

The grassed and gravelled areas are cocooned with 2 metre high wooden posts which provide the framework for wisteria, thornless roses and clematis.  Intertwined between these areas lies a sensory planted garden designed by well know Stella Caws from Chepstow which includes plants such as lavender, japonica, skimmia, and rosemary.  All these features provide visual, aural and tactile stimulation – in short a sensory delight.

St Georges Nursing Home GardenBut there is a much more serious side to our garden.

Many of us with dementia experience frustration, anxiety and aggression which in many cases is controlled with medication.  Such medication is not without risk.  There is mounting evidence that some of the medications used cause heart problems and lead to premature death.  A lot of the medication has a sedating affect which then runs the risk of increased falls and fractures.  Our garden, by providing a peaceful environment, will significantly reduce the need for such medication thereby increasing our residents quality of life and reducing their risk of experiencing unpleasant side effects and catastrophic consequences.

Residents and guests on the lower level will be able to access this garden freely during daylight hours, and those on the upper floor will have their own lift for easy access.  We encourage friends and family of our residents to come spend time in our beautiful garden too.  It is simply a spectacular area and is both social and peaceful.  Come and enjoy our garden.

St Georges Nursing Home Garden Plan
The garden plan (Click for larger)